Scooter Description

The Piaggio Liberty S 125/150 is the perfect solution for those seeking that elusive combination of style, lightness, easy driving and safety. What sets it apart is its superior standards of maneuverability, agility and reliability together with its sound technological base, for example ABS braking and the three-valve, air cooled i-get (Intelligent green engine technology) engine.

Reservation Inquiry
In case your rental is longer than 5 days, ask about your discount.

Scooter rentals are not allowed to persons who have not ridden one before or have had no experience in using one. Also the driving licence with a stamp of the A category is mandatory and licences other than European must be international.


Technical Info

  • Engine: i-get, Single cylinder four-stroke
  • Seats: 2
  • Starter: Electronic
  • Transmission: Automatic with continuous drive

Technical Data

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