Scooter Description

Streamline, aggressive and racing look; liquid cooled engine; a top-notch chassis characterised by its lightweight and superior rigidity; 14” front wheel and top-class braking system. Lightning fast acceleration and progressive pickup characterise this ultra-modern unit that is so popular with young people and guarantee it a leading role in terms of performance among carburettor version scooters.

Reservation Inquiry
In case your rental is longer than 5 days, ask about your discount.

Scooter rentals are not allowed to persons who have not ridden one before or have had no experience in using one. Also the driving licence with a stamp on one of the next categories: AM, A1 or A is mandatory and licences other than European must be international.


Technical Info

  • Engine: Hi-PER-2 Pro, liquid cooled, 2 stroke single cylinder
  • Seats: 2
  • Starter: Electric and kick starter
  • Transmission: Automatic Twist and Go with CVT

Technical Data

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