Rental Conditions - Insurance for car hire
  • Third party insurance

    • What is covered? The insurance covers death and bodly injury of third parties, including the occupants of the company vehicle (except the driver of the company car) up to the amount of  €1.200.000,00 ped victim as as property damage to third parties, up to the amount of €1.200.000,00 per accident.
    • What is not covered? Total or partial theft of the vehicle. Theft of personal effects on or in the company vehicle. Death or bodly injury to the driver of the company vehicle. Damage to the company vehicle.
    • The insurance covers the renter provided that there has been no violation of the Highway Code, the vehicle is driven on an asphalt road and the driver is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Insurance coverage ceases to apply if the vehicle is driven by persons whose details and signature are not written on the rental agreement.
    • The maximum amount that the renter is obliged to pay in case of accident-damage of the company vehicle is €14.000,00.
  • Rental Conditions

    • Driving Licence: The driver’s licence of the rented car must have been issued at least one year before the date of rental.
    • Driver’s age: The driver of the hired car must be at least 21 years old.
    • The renter id obliged to return the vehicle in the condition in which it was received and with the same amount of fuel.
    • Fines and penalties: All fines and administrative penalties resulting from the driver’s fault are the full responsibility of the renter.
    • All charges(VAT) and third party insurance are included in the price
Rental Conditions - Insurance for motorbike hire
  • Third party insurance

    The third party insurance covers up to: 500.000 euro for physical damages of third party and 100.000 euro for material damages.
    The hirer is responsible for any damages or wears of the scooter, up to 3000 euro.

  • Rental Conditions

    • All Motorbikes of Scooterfun are in perfect condition
    • Before the rental, the client has the right to check the condition of the scooter’s engine, lights, brakes and tires.
      The rental price includes V.A.T and third party insurance.
    • The minimum age limit is 18 years. The driver must have a valid driving licence depended by the rules abd regulations of his country. The driver must have the ability and skills to drive the motorbike.
    • The hirer is responsible for any fines resulting from violations of the driving code during the rental period.
    • The off road/dirt road driving is strictly prohibitied. For non-copliance, the hirer bears a fine up to 100€.
    • The use of the motorbike by third parties beyond the hirer, is forbidden. Otherwise, the company reserves the right to take back the vehicle without notice and without refund.
    • The fuel is paid by the hirer