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SYM Symphony ST 200i

The ST in Symphony ST stands for Street and Style. With its stylish crafted design, the Symphony ST takes City Commuters where they need to go in style and comfort.

  • Derbi Variant Sport 125cc

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Derbi Variant Sport 125 cc

The new Derbi Variant Sport 125 holds a level of quality which aspires to satisfy different and more demanding requirements for the daily urban movement.


Vathi or Vathis is located 11 kilometres northeast of Pothia town and is the only part of Kalymnos which has the largest and most productive farmland.


Myrties is located 8 km from Pothia at the west side of Kalymnos. It is a coastal settlement which was named after the Myrtle bushes surrounding the area.


Argos is located southwest of Chora in a short distance. It is an extensive plateau with an altitude of 170m close to where the airport is.